Chris Welch Review

Renowned rock journalist CHRIS WELCH (see his books on Amazon here) has penned this great review of our Hometown Skyline album launch gig.

Thanks Chris!


Live Review


Bull’s Head, Barnes


View: Front row seat

It can be a daunting experience for any band launching their latest album. Will there be boos and demands for ‘greatest hits’ from their fans? The Steve Eggs Band suffered no such indignities when an enthusiastic crowd cheered (and whistled) as they performed a brace of new songs from ‘Hometown Skyline’ at the Bull’s Head, long the home of great ‘live’ music.


The Eggs blend of West Coast infused country rock never flagged from the moment they launched into ‘The Road To California’ one of several regular ‘originals’ that featured band leader Steve on acoustic guitar, vocals and dryly witty asides. ‘Here’s one off our first album – remember those days?’ he said introducing ‘Good Intentions’ a piece that showcased the first of a string of exuberant solos from lead guitarist Jon Kershaw.


Armed with his trusty red Fender Strat, Jon supported Steve with powerhouse riffs before taking off on wailing solos, powered up with judicious use of wah-wah, adding extra blues-rock excitement.


The whole group with Peter Wass, sporting a vintage Hofner bass and Mark Taylor on a super Gretsch drum kit, worked as a team, providing backing vocal harmonies and clearly enjoying themselves. The result was a very satisfying and successful ‘launch’ as they dug into ‘Here Comes The Rain’ described by composer Pete as ‘A more pessimistic version of George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes The Sun.’


‘Paradise’ was a stomping delight, with another particularly intense guitar solo that drew cheers from the darkened depths of the Bull. The slower ‘When The Darkness Comes’ and ‘The Heartbreaker’ was sung with particular passion by Mr. Eggs while ‘Roll Over’ and ‘That’s No Good’ sported more country rock vocal harmonies and slide guitar.


I always regretted not seeing Dire Straits in Deptford. Just glad I saw the Steve Eggs Band in Barnes.