Who’s who?

Steve Eggs

Steve Eggs

What’s your line? Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Desert Island Disc? Sky Blue & Black – Jackson Browne

Couldn’t put it down? A full pint of Guinness

Define genius. Lennon/McCartney

Soothing cold drink? Who’s paying?

Choose your weapons… Washburn EA40, Yamaha L11E

Catchphrase? “What could possibly go wrong?”


Jon Kershaw

Jon ‘Johnny the K’ Kershaw

What’s your line? Lead Guitar, Vocals

Desert Island Disc? Troubador – JJ Cale

Couldn’t put it down? Fender Stratocaster

Define genius. Richard Thompson

Soothing cold drink? Holsten Pils

Choose your weapons… See Above

Catchphrase? “What’s for dinner?”


Mark 'Wheezer' Taylor

Mark ‘Wheezer’ Taylor

What’s your line? Drums, Vocals

Desert Island Disc? Wichita Lineman – Glen Campbell

Couldn’t put it down? The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinbeck

Define genius. John Hiatt

Soothing cold drink? Light and Bitter

Choose your weapons… Ludwig, Gretsch and Zildjian

Catchphrase? “What larks Pip!”


Peter Wass

Peter Wass

What’s your line? Bass, Vocals

Desert Island Disc? Penguin Eggs – Nic Jones

Couldn’t put it down? 1984 – George Orwell

Define genius. Bob Dylan. Of course.

Soothing cold drink? Marston’s Pedigree

Choose your weapons… Chinese Hofner Bass copy…cheap and cheerful!

Catchphrase? “How does this one go?”